Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

A couple of weeks ago we lost our dear old Golden Retriever, Blossom. She was about 16 years old! We really loved this shy old girl. She guarded her yard well up until a couple of days before she died. One day, she just got tired and went to her dog house and watched out the door with her head and paws out the the front. She didn't come out. Ben brought her food to her, and a couple of days later she just passed quietly in her sleep. What a kind God I serve! I had prayed for her to go before another hard winter came. She refused to ever come inside, and would tear doors and walls down in a panic if forced inside when it froze. Her dog house was heated, but it still was hard on the old girl to traipse around in the snow. A few days after I prayed that she took to the dog house. I had watched her and noticed how she slept most of the time, how she would fall down sometimes, and how she just seemed worn out. Bless her little doggy heart!

She was a faithful dog, and will be remembered fondly and missed much.


  1. good ole blossom, I will miss her when I come visiting! Her sad little bark and cute little face, yep good ole Blossom!

  2. Aw! What a faithful, old dog she was! Our Golden, Beau, is only 8, but he still acts just like a puppy. We can just now begin to see signs of his aging...a little white around the mouth, and a bit slower getting up.
    The Lord certainly was good, to see fit to have her pass so peacefully.

  3. So sorry for your loss. This year we lost our 2 oldest dogs. Chance who kinda looked like your girl was 16 1/2 and Bear a black flat haired retrever mix. Bear was 14 and Chance was his best friend. He followed him everywhere and then followed him to heaven 6 weeks later. We really miss our boys, and I know you miss you sweet girl.

  4. I'm sorry...I had a black lab when I was a little girl and she was my favorite dog I ever owned. I miss her after all these years. I'm so your dog went went peacefully.

    I wanted to share something special with you. It's National Flower week. That really put's a smile on my face because I love flowers.

    Dogs and flowers...who needs anything more.

    Have a blessed week!


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