Friday, September 10, 2010

My Chevre Thingy

I love chevre! Not store-bought. Ugh. It's pasturized and it's old. My own, fresh, and raw. It's so good on a...well, a ritz cracker. Seriously. I know I should say a bagette or something else fancy or healthy, but honestly, if you spread this delicate deliciousness on a ritz, you will be hooked and you'll agree.

I have to show off my yummy chevre again. The recipe for it is somewhere on this blog- step-by-step with pictures. There's a search engine on this page, just type it in! (love that!!)

I use this wonderful contraption to drain my chevre when it's hot outside and I want it to drain the fridge. It's actually meant to be a vegetable keeper, but it works beautifully for draining cheeses.

You see it has a lid, and best of all a removable bottom to drain the whey. Inside are little holes so the whey goes away from the cheese and settles in the bottom.

As you see I fit a good amount in here. I put a mold of fresh chevre with just a bit of salt and a pansy for presentation, as well as a loose little log of my favorite spicey savory chevre, and a larger mold of the same.

Pretty, huh?
This stuff is so good you just can't stop once you get started. It's so easy to make it's hard to believe it costs a small fortune to buy. Guess you all need some goats!


  1. Hi Dalyn! We finally got goats (yeah!) and I finished up a batch of Chevre this morning. Garlic, salt, and thyme. It's very yummy. Do you have any other flavoring ideas that you love?


  2. Michelle, when it's raw and fresh, plain is good! Or, ,drizzle honey over the top. Or, add some kind of fruit or berry. Or, my personal favorite is chives, salt, pepper, jalepenos and red chile flakes. Lots, 'cause I like it hot! There really is no end to variations. Some people like to put part of a packet of the dry ranch dressing packet, or Italian. Any fresh herb would be good. I really like dried tomato and rosemary with lots of pepper.
    There's a start!


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