Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Fall Harvest Stew

I recently made this gorgeous stew and thought I'd share the recipe. Well, sorta. I never use a recipe, but I'll post what I threw in the pot!
I browned a chopped sweet onion in olive oil; I like it carmelized for more flavor, then threw in some chopped veggies. Fall gardens are producing some wonderful things, and I added a cubed squash, a couple of carrots, about a cup of chopped celery,a few peeled and quartered potatoes (the waxy fleshed kind) and then a box of organic beef broth. I tossed in about 3/4 pound of thin sliced beef round bottom, and then some zuchinni and yellow squash with a handful of fresh rosemary leaves and a few peeled tomatoes chopped up, and finally, I threw in a couple of handfuls of chopped mustard greens (chard would have been preferable).
Some salt, pepper, a dash of red chile flakes and then let it bubble away for a bit.
If you served this with a crusty loaf of fresh bread your family would give you raves! Better yet, some whole wheat made with the whey from the leftover chevre from the day before!

*If I had them, I would have added some mushrooms to the pot.

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