Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Pilot Is 20 Years Old!

I had the thrilling adventure today of an airplane ride in a very tiny cesna flown by one of my best friend's sons. He's a 20 year old homeschool graduate, now pilot and airplane mechanic aprentice. A really cool guy! He and his mamma flew here today to visiti and fly me around. What a treat!

Getting in...a tight space.

I'm wondering how we are both going to fit. Seriously, it's smaller than it looks. Then I notice a sign that says something about additional weight of baggage and/or passengers shouldn't exceed 120 pounds and I'm thinking we are in trouble. Should I mention this or not? Nah...I'm sure he's smart enough to think about things like that, right?!

Aaron asks me if I know the difference between a good pilot and a bad pilot. Should I be worried? Is this a trick question? He says it's the safety check list. Every pilot, no matter how long he's been flying, should still use it. He did. I felt relieved.

Our tiny cockpit and the control panel. Aarons tells me I should make sure I can reach the pedals at my feet. Um...I don't want to! I thought I just got to sit here.

My seatbelt was complicated...much like an infant carseat...I needed help.

My cool pilot. He's single girls!

Our map. Never saw one like this.

Take off!

We flew over our ranch. I loved this view! Really wish I had water rights for my dry pasture.

Aaron, focused on our landing. He did great!

Tied down the plane because of the wind, and now it's time to drive to the ranch and feed the pilot lunch.
Here I am...what a great experience! Thanks Aaron!


  1. Dalyn,

    What fun! The year I turned 27 a few friends kidnapped me from work and didn't tell me where we were going...we ended up at the local airport and they had gone together to buy me a flight lesson in a little Cesna! The back story is that I love flying and airports and watching planes take off/land (that was before 9/11 and we could literally walk into the airport and sit at the gates).

    When the flight instructor asked what I thought-- I said a few more trips and I think I'd have to become a missionary pilot!

    Glad you had such fun!

  2. fun, fun, fun....glad you had a great day!!


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