Friday, December 17, 2010

CSN Stores Review/Food Processor

If you read my blog you know occassionally I do a product review. CSN Stores asked me to do another recently and I was only to happy to oblige, of course! I really have come to appreciate the convenience of having over 200 stores in one place. It's convenient. This time I chose a food processor because mine had malfunctioned again. It was the replacement for the exact same thing I had before, purchased from Sears, and although it worked just fine, it had parts that broke easily. A food processor is an absolute must for raw food prep, and even though I'm not all raw, my husband and I both eat alot of raw.

I wanted to choose a brand I had not purchased previously and I found a really gorgeous  one
and it was red! (I love red kitchen gadgets)  It was the Kalorik Red Metallic Food Processor. It seemed to be durable looking. I use my blenders and food processors almost daily. I couldn't find reviews on it, so I figured this was my chance to test it out and write one myself. While perusing around online I found the same food processor at a different store for a little less money, so I contacted to customer service department and since they advertised price matching I got it for slightly less cost than the other site offered. I was pleased as punch!

Just like last time, the CSN website was easy to navigate and my product was easy to order, especially since I did it by phone this time and the guy on the other end was super friendly and helpful. I really do appreciate that. My food processor took a few weeks to arrive. I am sad to have to report though, that it was a disappointment right out of the box. It is made of really cheap plastic. I had my suspicions when it was so lightweight. It comes with lots of slicing and grating tools, but honestly they are cheap materials and the machine had a hard time just proecessing raw nuts and dates for me.
So, for the first time ever, I am having to write a poor review. I would not waste my money on this machine, even if it is pretty. But, I would shop at CSN Stores again, because they have great customer service! My experience with them has been positive, even if the experience with this particular product from one of the 200+ stores was less than I had hoped for.

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