Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

My family has been sick with the flu since before the holidays. My oldest son has mono as well. I found out after he passed out in the kitchen one morning and I took him to the E.R. yikes! A week later the baby was so sick I had him there next to rule out some nasties that might require more than tylenol and lots of liquids and love. I have gotten good at waiting around a hospital.  Go with Starbucks in hand, cell phone charged, and iPod. Good grief I am so tired of being sick! Misery loves to complain, huh? Well, now that that is done, I'll let you know that I am determined to get well enough tomorrow to spend my $10 in Border bucks!


  1. ya must be feeling better if you are starting to blog again!! YIPEE for feeling better!!

  2. Sorry to hear your family is sick. I am just getting over a cold I had over Christmas. It was not fun cooking and sniffling. Btw, I love your horses. I have two horses, dairy goats, chickens, cats, dogs, a cockatiel and a snake. Oh and two fish ;). Sounds like we both have either too many animals or not enough ;)

  3. Try taking elderberry syrup. It is sold in most pharmacies in the cold and flu section under the brand name Sambucol. Elderberry has been used for centuries to combat flu. Last Christmas my daughter's friend had the flu. She spent the whole morning throwing up until I got some elderberry syrup and made her take it.


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