Sunday, March 13, 2011

Triplets...All With Blue Eyes!

My best Nubian doe and best Nigerian Dwarf buck got married and gave me a gorgeous set of triplets. Two doelings and a buckling. ALL with blue eyes! Amazing!
These are exciting to me because I love to have rich milk for cheese, icecream, and soapmaking, as well as icey cold in the fridge to drink. The combination of these two breeds is really fun. Flashy colors, extra butterfatty milk, and sometimes, blue eyes! I was shocked to find that each of them inherited their sire's eye color. He always throws at least one pair every batch of kids, but for all the babies to come out with blue is nothing short of amazing. He really has strong, dominant blue genes. I love that rascally little buck!
I was holding little Bella up so I could get a picture of the pretty eyes. She doesn't look to happy to be held up in the air, does she? She's a flashy little thing. Her sister got the black, brown and rust trim of their mom, and the little buckling is black and shite but with speckles in the white on his side, and this little girl is alot of white on top with splashes of black, tan, and a bit of grey I think. Quite colorful.
These were born on the 11th, my anniversary- what a great gift! Last year Luci has twin does on my birthday.  ")


  1. so cute! I was going to breed my two girls this year until I found out that their gestation is 5 months ..... I don't think it would be best to have them be born in the heat of summer then not be very old come winter so I have decided to wait till November or December to breed them so I can have baby goats in April or May.
    Yours are adorable, wow triplets...does that happen often? Is that hard on the doe?how can she nurse three of them?

  2. Susan, triplets are fairly common. A healthy goat with good milk production can feed triplets with no problems at all. If one kid is smaller or weak, you may have to bottle feed it or help it get to a teat before the others for awhile until it gets stronger, but normally they all do just fine.

  3. Just precious!!! I was hoping for a blue eyed one out of Perle, but no luck this year. (She had one last year.)


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