Monday, May 2, 2011

Senseless Killing and Discouragment

I have had a little project the past couple years (alright, many), keeping heritage breed turkeys. I have had little to no success. I had finally kept a mating pair alive and lastnight what could have only been a coyote (or two) killed my beatiful Royal Palm tom turkey.

The thing that makes me most angry is that coyotes waste most of the bird. Usually guts and breasts alone are eaten, and in this case only one breast and the head.
Sigh. He was a beautiful, friendly bird.
Hard to replace. Expensive.

I admit, yesterday morning I was already discouraged. I love all the critters and the things involved in raising them, but doing it mostly by myself is wearing on me. These creatures are my hobby- my passion- and nobody else in the family really gets too involved except my husband, who just doesn't have the time. So...I had a bad morning yesterday and came in from the barn and cried in the bathroom before going about my day. I skipped church even. Just went to town and got a coffee and a stack of magazines and decided the my husband and boys could fend for themselves for a few hours. I needed it. The chores, the worry over running out of hay, the losses of life because gates are left open by careless people, the financial strain of vet bills...(horses!) I think it's time to find homes for some of my critters but the economy is so bad it's hard to find good homes for animals where the people can afford to keep them.
Bleh. I need to pray about this more. I'm tired.


  1. I am so sorry about your loss~ why do we fall in love with all these critters?? Farming is tough~ I've thought often about shipping them all as well, but then on the good days I know I would go just as crazy without animals to care for. Lifting up prayers for you today Dalyn. {{{hugs}}}

  2. So sorry about your turkey. I know that feeling when you loose livestock --- it's so sad.

  3. I'm so sorry. (((HUGS))) I've had similar things happen. Not fun.

  4. I'm sorry sweetie, wish you would've called. hugs to you, see you tonight.

  5. Dalyn ~ Sorry for your loss. It's tough...and sad. However, I wouldn't be so quick to blame the coyote (or two). Sounds to me it's more like the work of a cat or raccoon. (They usually always eat the head.) Two coyotes would have left the feathers and devoured the meat. Especially this time of year when they are providing for their young. Just my humble opinion... Hang in there...

  6. What a beautiful bird. So sorry. I can see why you are discouraged. I appreciate your love and care of farm critters, and so do many others.
    Bless you.

  7. there is something so striking about a Royal Palm tom,makes me miss mine.
    We have been experiencing losses from coyotes here as well.
    My heart goes out to you.


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