Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Beeeesy!

Sunday I drove into town to pick up my package of Carnolian honey bees. There were bees everywhere in the air ~as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I got a little thrill. I was told we had a hundred extra packages so I talked my husband into one more and bought a hive cover and bottom board so I could use some of my extra deep boxes and have hive #2!

Here's a closer view. These packages contain about 3 lbs. of bees, or around 10,000 bees. They come from California after they have done the job of pollinating the almonds. Rod, seen below, and his wife drove down and brought them back.

Nice of Rod to brush the ever-present hitch hiking bees off the outside of my package and carry it to the car for me.

Just the day before I had decided to take advantage of the great weather and paint my extra boxes of frames. These two are called deeps. The are for the main colony housing, where the queen will live and lay her eggs.

Doug and I installed our twp packages in the new hives with a liberal dousing of sugar water first, and only one sting. Me, of course. But I had no gloves or veil, so...
The simple syrup I made to feed my bees until the nectar flows. Two parts sugar to one part water and heated to melt it all.

Forgot to uncork the Queens and put candy plugs in their cages. I veiled up to go back in the hives this time. Sting me once, shame on you, sting me twice...

One of our hives. I'm so proud of them! If you research honey bees I'll bet you will get hooked too. They are amazing! They are vital to our lives.

My best doe finally had her kids. A doeling and two bucklings. Miniature Nubians again but the red and white one has amazingly good ears for a 1st generation 50%-50%!! He's already sold.

Then I've got my two babies that keep me busy. Their smiles keep me going, and some days that's all that does 'cause I'm running on fumes.

P.S. I typed this with one hand because a certain little person insists that I hold him nearly every minute. It's good to be loved.

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  1. First, your boys (the human ones;) are beautiful! They look so happy. I am so happy you got your bees alright without any issuse! I was wondering how you did! This is one hobby that continues to roll in the back of the brain, just not sure Hubby can handle "one more" hobby of mine!;) The goats are just too cute! You are in my prayers for some extra energy for everything.


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