Friday, April 6, 2012

Bees, Babies, and Tadpoles

Spring is finally here and if I thought I was busy before, well I sure am now. The difference is though, that my little 3 month old darling has started sleeping through the night! I finally feel human again. My life is so full- I love it and am overwhelmed by it depending on the hour...There are babies all over here on our ranch. The two year old (whose adoption will be final within about 6 weeks!), the 3 month old, then there are the froggy embryos, 4 Blue Orpington chicks, and 6 goat kids in the barn. I love it when this place is full of life!

Ben and I are raising some frog embryos in the family room. Right now they are just little caviar-looking things. You can see them above. Here below is a picture I took this morning when it was sunny of one of my bee hives. The wonderful part about the bees is that my husband has taken an interest in them too, and now it's "our" hobby instead of just mine. Love that!
You can see the entrance feeder below. It's filled with a sugar syrup I made to feed the bees and help them get busy building comb for their hive.

Here you see my CJ helping me with barn chores the other morning. He loves all animals and would be outside all day every day if he could. I'm so glad to have a little farmer around!
Last weekend was my birthday and I was out of town with Ben and CJ until that evening. See what I came home to? Doug and Tay had cleaned the house, decorated, and filled the house with cheesecake, chocolate and icecream! Love those guys! They came home a day earlier because the critters needed someday here.
We had all gone over to Fox Island for our niece's wedding. What a beautiful, simple and sweet event! Darling little Katie got a first kiss from her new husband after their vows were said and they had communion. It's pretty rare for a young couple to wait for their first kiss like that, and the church was large and packed. They were such a good example to their friends.

~Enjoy your Passover and Resurrection Day celebrations~
We are going to a Seder dinner and play tonight. Church on Sunday and dinner with friends Sunday evening. Celebrating Jesus, foretold in the Passover, and sacrificed for us just as the scriptures said, and now...HE IS RISEN!

I treated myself to this cookbook a couple days ago. Have you not met the Pioneer Woman? Oh you must! I love her. She is forever giving away the most marvelous orange KitchenAids on her website and my heart is broken that I never win one. Her cooking show is on early Saturday mornings, and this is her 2nd cookbook. I'm in love already and have a couple of recipes I plan on trying in the next week.

Young love!


  1. Hi Dalyn: I have moved my blog and therefore lost a lot of people. Just noticed your comment somewhere else....glad to find you again.

    So sorry about your disruption of Gianna. I saw her and her new family on a blog not that long ago. I pray that God works mightly with her in her new family...and from your posts, you have moved on as well.

    Congratulations on the newest member of your family baby "C".

    Blessings this Easter weekend.

  2. Happy Easter, HE IS RISEN!!!


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