Monday, April 9, 2012

Working the Bees Today

As you can see I have two hives. The experienced bee keepers tell you it's better to have two so you can compare and be more aware when something's not right. How true! Hive #1 is tan and hive #2 is green. #1 had hundreds of dead bees inside laying on the bottom of the hive. I think it's because maybe I took a peek in there awhile back when it was chilly. Or...they have a lousy queen? could be lots of things and I'm just not experienced enough to guess yet.
Smoking the colony to calm them down and confuse them. It worked until I saw I had damaged foundation and all those dead bees. I ended up tearing the hive apart and fixing it all. They got mad and I got stung on the thumb.  :(
I really can't tell if there are eggs. There was lots of comb drawn out for them this early in the game, but I didn't see much in the way of capped cells.

The damaged foundation below. It should have had vertical wires too, and the wax foundation embedded. Live and learn. I replaced most of the frames with some good wax coated plastic frames I got manufactured from Mann Lakes. The 3 frames the bees are all on and building away though I had to leave until I get some advice from somone who knows more than me. That would be just about anyone. ha ha!

As you can see the warping would really mess up the bee space in the hive. I just can't leave it. I have decided to order two more deeps and a bunch of black plastic frames for this summer. The weak colony may need another queen or it may not make it through the winter. Bummer!


  1. Dalyn, thank you for sharing all these bits... I sent my husband your link bcz I tell him all about your adventures and since he's begun keeping bees, he's been interested in "all things bees!" And, we've been following along with you bcz a few of his hives(?) all died. I don't think I use the correct terminology for what I'm trying to describe: the boxes, hives, trays or whatever exactly. :o) All I know is some of the stacks of bees died. BUT! We did have *delicious!* honey from one of them. 2 gallons! It is the most expensive honey in the world! ~wink~!

  2. You are one brave lady, Dalyn! No gloves! Although I love honey, I don't think I could ever get past the bee part:))

    Feeling the love, dear bloggy friend:)) I needed it tonight:))

  3. Thank you for posting your experiences. So often people only share their successes, but I think we can often learn much more from the mistakes. Keep us posted!


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