Sunday, June 24, 2012

Down Home Photo Shoot

Yesterday we were blessed with a free photo shoot! There is an organizatoin called Red Threads Sessions that has a group of photographers who will do a free photo session for adoptive families.
As usual, we were not terribly well prepared nor were we particular about poses or dressed in fancy clothes. We did get some fun shots though and the photographer was a super sweet and patient soul. We had nasty wind and off weather but we had a great time with it all.
These are just a sample of what Jessica did and I thought they were too cute not to share. Besides, you might like to get this lady out to your place and have some good shots too.

Jessica Greenfield's facebook page and her website


  1. Pretty cool! I love that last photo of you. It says a lot about how you balance your life. :D

  2. These are awesome photos, Dalyn! I love that last one, too:))

  3. What a wonderful blessing having the opportunity to have a photo shoot like this one! My fav is the one you made your header - love the smiles you and your husband are giving one another.

  4. Dalyn, what great photos of a beautiful family!


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