Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hardships Can Become Strengths

"Twenty years ago I ran for my life as I tried to escape the soldiers with guns. Today, I run for my life as I chase down the incredible opportunity God has laid out in front of me. I was a lost boy, surviving on one meager meal a day, a boy who looked forward to garbage days because eating trash gave me the best meal of the week. Not anymore. I ran in the camp to survive. Now I run to help others not only survive, but thrive." exerpt from "Running For My Life" by Lopez Lomong, page 226

Kidnapped by rebel soldiers at 6 years old, starving in a crowded and filthy hut while other boys died daily, and the stronger were trained to be rebel soldiers, to a miraculous escape with "angels", running for days on end through the desert, to surviving a refugee camp where food was scarce and opportunity nil, this young man wrote an essay in a language he barely spoke, in order to come to America. He came with a 1st grade education and 3 years later graduated highschool. He went on to become a professional athlete and Olympian, and best of all, to him, a college graduate. He went from being an orphan to being a beloved son of an American couple who not only gave him opportunities but pushed and fought for them for him. Oh yes, and just like our God to give a happy ending, Lope was reunited with his family in Africa!!

I loved this story- I cried a lot. It was just so amazing and made me remember afresh the rest of the world doesn't enjoy the luxury we do. Lopez's life is a reminder that turning our hardships into character is a matter of the will. Overcoming hardships will strengthen us if our attidtude is right. If Lopez can do what he did, then anything really is possible. The hand of God was so obvioiusly on his life, and just like he points out in this very well written account, his life really did mimic the biblical account of Joseph and what others meant for evil God used for good.
This man is using the platform his fame and talents have given him to help the people of Sudan. He invites us into the privelege of joing him.
Love, Love, Love this book. It will be required reading in my homeschool from now on.
*I recieved a copy of this book for free by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.*


  1. I loved this one too. I've been reading through old blog posts here at your place this morning and have a new list of books to read from your wonderful reviews. Right now, I'm reading UnDaunted..have you read it?. I can so relate to an early post where you said you have a kitchen full of cruddy old pans, but a shelf full of books, goats in the pasture, book bags, etc. That is exactly me too. I might let my old pans stay, have thread bare towels, keep the same curtains for years and years, but I will buy a new book any day. :)

  2. Undaunted sounds so familiar I bet I have because it definitely brings a bell. However I'm in a newborn baby haze again which means lack of sleep and brain function.
    A woman after my own heart!


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