Monday, July 16, 2012

Life Is Always Moving~

I feel a great weight and burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Life has been so fast the past few years that I can hardly catch my breath. Talking to my husband lastnight I found he feels the same. We came to some conclusions and agreements about our life here, and I'm so grateful and feeling more peaceful. We live on a beautiful and peaceful ranch, but we keep ourselves too busy to enjoy it like we did the first couple of years here. Things are falling apart and so are we it seems sometimes.

We decided we will take a 6 month break minimum from fostering drug-affected newborns after the case is resolved of the little sweet boy we have now.
We are going to focus on our relationships inside our home, and also our home and property.
We are going to do fewer things so we can do those few well.
I'm so relieved!
In part the radical-for us slow-down stems from the fact that we found out we are going to become grandparents. That changes everything.

We WILL be good at that. We will. We are determined to finish well with the two boys we have left at home (possibly 3 depending on where the case goes with the 7 month old baby) and we are equally determined to be wonderful grandparents. Our marriage is so valuable to these next generations that we need to consider how to put more time and energy there too.

our grandbaby
So, home and hearth, family and friends. Keeping it simple...messages you hear all the time and ignore in our society. I'm all in. Goals just for us. I get to stop trying to save the world??! Whew! What a relief. I'm gonna give that up and get out of Jesus' way until He gives me further directions. 

In other news my little blue eyed goat girl Lola is due anytime now and I can't wait to have some spotty, splashy, lovely little goat kids bouncing around again.
Also, the photographer who came out and got a few shots of us, minus our daughter who is pregnant and living a couple hours from here, entered a shot of us in a contest. I hope she wins. It was for photographers and how they used different props- honey we had some props! Horses and chickens, goosie, and goats...oh my! The wonderful Red Threads Sessions that gets photographers and adoptive families together put our pictures up on their site too. Go look here! That was really a fun thing for them to do for us. We are so grateful. I love the shots, I just wish that extra 15 pounds that keeps following me around wasn't in the pictures! Thank goodness for a little touch-up magic here and there. Keepin' it real.

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  1. Hi Dalyn, Whew, I felt lighter just reading your post:)! You are an amazing woman following the Lord's call upon your life...May His peace truly be upon you and your beautiful family! Congrats on becoming grandparents, what a priviledge...womdering which "grandma" name you will eventually be called, what a fun thought! enjoy your day.....Teresa


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