Monday, August 13, 2012

Serpent of Moses Book Review

Did you like the Indiana Jones movies? Ya? Well then you'll like this book. It was a well-written, action packed read right from the first page. It took me into the world of archeology, Bible lands, dangerous places and people. I really enjoyed my vicarious travels to foreign lands, across miles of deserts and through tiny villages and seedy hotels.
The characters were great and Jack was so interesting I thought I'd like to have a long visit over coffee...somplace in Northern Africa of course.
Good book, I think you'll like it if you like adventure.

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*I was given a free copy by Bethany House in exchange for an unbiased review.

Here's the publisher's description:
A Fast-Paced Follow-up to the Bestselling Suspense Elisha's Bones! Just three years after the recovery of Elisha's bones, Dr. Jack Hawthorne has given up teaching and resumed the practice of archaeology, although his frequent absences have put a strain on his relationship with Esperanza. Things heat up when Esperanza receives a call from an antiquities dealer with troubling news about Jack, and her fears are confirmed. Jack has gone to Libya in search of another biblical artifact: the Nehushtan, the serpent staff of Moses. After Jack arrives in Libya, he soon discovers he isn't the only one searching for the Nehushtan. Later, in attempting to steal it, he finds himself in the hands of a man who just might be his match. Jack and his friends must stay one step ahead of the Libyan government, an overambitious member of the Vatican hierarchy, and an Egyptian assassin--if they stand any chance of staying alive long enough to recover the staff.

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