Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Radio Interview Aug. 14th

Do you know that God is exceptionally nice? He's just flat out kind. I have the best family. My husband is a gracious and intelliegent and hot firefighter. My kids are my friends, and I also have plenty of friends that are as close as family.
Some nice things the Lord has done lately:
brought our oldest child back to Himself
Allowed us to adopt CJ
healed a very strained relationship with our oldest son
Given us another adorable baby to love and nurture
provided me with lots of new Bible studies and really good books to read. I dearly love a good book- (the best is The Good Book)
Given our marriage a revival
to put a little cherry on top so-to-speak, I have been invited to be interviewed on Christian Devotions Speak UP! by Scott McCausey.
What in the world I will have to share I have no idea, but I am asking the Lord- who is always generous to me (and there's a verse for that) to share something that will encourage others.
August 14th at  6 p.m. EST
If you care to listen the link is above. I'll be able to embed the radio program on my sidebar as well later.
I can thank the lovely Renee, a fellow blogger over at Tailspin Farm, for this. Her husband does the radio show and she asked him to consider me for an interview.  I have a feeling they were wondering what on earth I'm doing here. Some days a peek into my life would be like watching a train wreck, others aren't so bad. Hopefully it will at least make somebody feel better about themselves. :)

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2012 Schedule
August 7 – Nathan Tasker, Musician
August 14 – Aimee Lynch & Dalyn Weller, Bloggers
August 21 – Frank Murphy, Former NFL Player & Author
August 28 – Jim & Jill Kelly, Hall of Fame QB & Founders of Hunters Hope
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  1. You will do great! I have to tell you when I first start this homeschooling, wanna-be a goat farmer and do all things home, yours was the very first blog/website I ran into. I found you through the article your family was feature in Above Rubies. I was inspired by you and all you did. Some of Scott's best shows come simply from great testimonies to Christ. The good, the bad and the ugly;) Enjoy it! I think I had shared my heart with you about doing foster care again someday. We are going to be doing the orientation class here in Michigan in two weeks! God has amazing plans!


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