Wednesday, August 22, 2012

in Sickness and Health


When we decided to take our newest baby we had no idea he would end up being fragile. He has quite a medical history already and he's only 8 months old. Right now he's on 6 different medications a day and most of them are multiple times per day. It's a good thing he's so adorable and so pleasant! His personality is so endearing. We love this kid. He's an enormous amount of work though, I must admit. I have been the the point of exhaustion multiple times. I can't even imagine how his bio mom is supposed to care for him. She has no clue what this is like. She gets to visit him- I mother him and nurse him back to health whenever he's sick again. The plan is to reunify them, and she is doing very well, but I'm not convinced its going to work out. When and if he's given to her- I don't say returned because she's never had custody of him, his bond with us will be interrupted and how sad that will be for all of us. If and when he has to be returned to foster care I pray they will return him to us, and that will mean another interrupted bond for him. It seems like the innocent one in all of this is the one to suffer the most, doesn't it?
I could be doing a lot of other things with my life right now, but we made a commitment to this child, and he can interrupt our lives for as long as the Lord wills it. In sickness and in health. In messes and in a tidy house. Anyone have a spare maid?

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