Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Can Have it All and Still Have Nothing

Maybe you never knew that. In our American culture though, that's not too likely is it?
The author of The Fourth Fisherman, Joe Kissack really did have just about all he could,  materially-speaking, as well as a wildly successful career, and a beautiful family. But he was empty, if you don't count all the pain and anxiety, alcohol and pills.
 Then there's Salvador, a Mexican fisherman, poor as a church mouse but rich in faith- a faith that kept him sane and alive during almost 10 months spent at sea in a fishing boat. Well, nine on the boat and the last part of the voyage on a trawler. Nine months of eating raw fish sea turtles, and drinking turtle blood to survive, helping to keep his fellow fisherman alive as well, at least those that partook of their most vital sustanance with him...daily doses of reading and believing the Bible.
Joe tells their stories and his together, and you find out in the end it's fitting. Their journeys seem one and the same as the fisherman are lost at sea, illustrating Joe's life before Christ as being lost and in very real danger of dying. Joe's writing is witty, funny at times, and self-depreciating while being  honest. I admired that. The stories, intertwined as they are, make a case for faith, bring our Creator God to the forefront, and they both encouraged me. I think they will encourage you too.
I had never before heard the story of these Mexican fisherman, though they had apparently made international news. Their story is astounding. Many didn't believe it was possible, and yet this man Joe Kissack took the time and resources, nearly bankrupting himself and his family to tell their story because he believed the Lord wanted him to. He found Jesus, and his newfound faith completely liberated him from so much bondage and addiction immediately. The Lord made him rich in a spiritual sense even as his material wealth slipped away.
The fisherman, lost at sea but never lost from the Lord, have a story deserving of being told and heard. May we all have faith like Panchita and may we all stick in like Carmen!
I devoured this book. Enjoyed it immensely and look forward to a movie. Although we all know, the books are always better.   ;)
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