Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rumor Has it

That there's a baby boy in a foster home that only does foster care for the money. Which is always laughable to me because foster care doesn't pay enough to even cover expenses of raising a child if you're doing it well.
Anyway, rumor has it this chubby little cherub needs an adoptive home now. So this family keeping him is ready to send him off.
This is a common tale apparently but you'd never know that in my circle of friends. The other foster parents I'm friends with love the kids and hope and pray to make them part of their families permanently.
I love these people.
We are full to bursting in this house right now but nonetheless this little baby is coming to visit us this weekend. We can meet, right? And pray? If its not a good fit we can pray and help find a family that is a good fit if we aren't.
Please pray for this little guy. He needs somebody. Tomorrow I may meet a child who is my son or maybe the son of a friend. It's a big deal. A huge deal. It scares me to death because I'm already so busy with babies I barely come up for air as it is.
God is able to give us all what we need and desire and I know that if this is His plan for us He will certainly show us.


  1. Oh My! Praying for you, Dalyn. What an exciting day! God will clearly show you....


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