Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inductive Studies for Homeschoolers!

I was thrilled to find this little gem- and baffled to the lack of advertising. Inductive studies are so valuable and Precepts puts out some great stuff. I have done many of the adult studies. These are written specifically for homeschool and Christian classrooms. Brilliant! Generous! I love them. I sold a couple meat goats to buy the Judges study!
There are a few available now- Abraham, Exodus, Joseph, Joshua, and Judges. It occurred to me I should start doing these with my son in chronological order, but Judges is so relevant to today I decided we would start there and go back to Abraham the following year.
A couple of them have a sample unit you can download. That's what hooked me. I previewed Joshua and saw how amazing these are. Your child learns to dig deep and let the Bible interpret itself.  You can count these as Bible, World history, Ancient History, Geography, Social Studies, and Literature.
You can buy the student workbook, or the package with the Teacher's Edition on CD with additional helps and the hard copy of the student text, or you can buy the same package without the student text. Three options. A couple of them, also have lectures, adult versions of the workbook, etc.
The big package was a little spendy but SO worth it. I want my son to be able to KNOW the Word and to comprehend and to know how to study himself whenever there's a question in his mind.
Go check them out and tell me what you think.
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