Friday, May 10, 2013

In Broken Places

It took me awhile to warm up to this book. I felt there were too many adjectives. Too much wordiness. It took too long to let me know what was going on...but maybe I was in a bad mood the day I started it because before too long I was emotionally enthralled. I was completely in the world spun oh-so-cleverly by a gifted author.
This is a powerful story about overcoming the crippling and often generational effects of abuse. Specifically child abuse. Shelby and Trey- survivors, drawing life from each other, siblings that overcame. I can't say how much I adored the relationship these two characters have. All of the characters are amazing, the writing is witty and the story heart wrenching and then heart warming. Completely believable.
Reading the portions that were set in Shelby and Trey's childhood was often hard. Abuse is brutal and the author did a genuinely vivid job of portraying it, as well as the damage left in the wake of it. I suppose because she knows firsthand, having experienced it firsthand and calling herself a survivor. I love that God took something horrible in her life and brought something beautiful in the healing of it. Woven into the story is a life-strengthening message of hope. That Suffering doesn't kill us. Not at all. We get to choose what we do with what's done to us. We do, too.
I'd say this book was astonishingly beautiful once I got into it. If you want to be touched, healed a little...helped a bit, then this book is for you. I recommend it.
*This book was given to me by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a non-biased review.
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Product Description

Shelby's life isn't glamorous, but it is predictable-and that's the way she likes it. A survivor of her father's violence, she has spent a lifetime creating a safe existence devoid of dependence. But her carefully managed world begins to break when, under staggering circumstances, she becomes a single mother to four-year-old Shayla. In a drastic attempt to escape her childhood's influence, Shelby moves to Germany, but she quickly discovers how intimately linked memory and healing are-and how honestly she must scrutinize her past in order to aspire to a richer future. As she juggles a new job, a new culture, a new daughter, and the attention of an enterprising man, Shelby's fresh start becomes a quest for the courage to be not only a survivor, but someone who prevails.

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