Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Workin' the Bees

This morning before it
got too hot I put on my gorgeous purple bee suit and headed out to my bee yard behind the barn.

My original hive has a bad queen and my bees are just plain mean. I got a new, marked queen from another bee keeper.

My plan was to inspect the hive and find and kill the old queen and replace her with the new queen. I was going to allow the split box make their own queen and see how they all fared.

However being inexperienced as I am I looked at all 20 full frames and couldn't find the queen. There were lots of queen cells and the hive was crowded so they were likely scheduling a swarm any old time!

I ended up splitting to colony in half and leaving the old queen in her hive and placing the new queen in her cage with candy in the hole in the new hive. I sprayed it with some syrup for good measure.

I put Api Guard in both boxes and an empty 10 frame box on each.

Hopefully they both do super and I get lots of honey the end of the summer.

The bees are ticked! In was sweating and covered in them by the end. Praise The Lord for a husband who bought me a purple bee suit and out up with all of my projects!

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