Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Wings Review

Donna Stanley has done a wonderful job in this book illustrating the reality of the spiritual realm and it's impact on our everyday lives. Aimed at young people about high school aged, the book asks and answers a lot of questions about angels and demons. Topics like prayer and worship and sensuality and the occult are given place here and the reader is caused to think and evaluate.
As a matter of fact I'm going to have my 14 year old read it now.
I'd certainly recommend this book, especially to junior high and high school kids. The kids in public school even more so. I think this book is a great tool for bringing up some vital topics. Life and death stuff both physically and spiritually. Very mature material is made to be easily understood and I liked that.
What I didn't like about the book was the lack of character development and inconsistencies. It bothered me. As someone who reads quite a bit I have the maybe annoying habit of getting distracted by things like that. I can't say this is great literature in that sense but I certainly think the book is immensely successful in teaching young people some basic biblical truths regarding spiritual warfare that are simply rarely taught in the church, much less the average   "Christian" home.
In New Wings the kids who are churched and living in homes with dusty, unused Bibles are certainly typical of so many kids today. I hope a book like this can help teach and train them. It's seems to me so sad that we as believers aren't doing a very good job of that. I read this and was made aware of so many areas that I need to start focusing on with the kids I have left at home. So many things of a spiritual and real nature that they need to talk about and have modeled and things I need to help them practice. Prayer, discipline, worship, spiritual eyes...
I do recommend this book. I just don't think it's the kind of book that grabs you and pulls you into the story for the reasons I stated above. There's plenty of storyline in there to entertain it just doesn't seem to be developed to my personal liking. Maybe you won't be as judgmental as me though! Let me know?

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