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I was incredibly blessed to read and review this book. I was given a free copy by the publishers to review. (my own, unbiased opinion) I found it to be written well and in a great conversational style but initially it didn't pull me in. Once the story got to the mission field I was enthralled, however.
Hillary tells their family's story with honesty. You can watch the YouTube video or go to the publisher's  (Waterbrook Multnomah) author page and read the first chapter and watch the video above.
The publisher says:  Hilary and her family moved to Southeast Asia in the aftermath of a tsunami that destroyed villages, homes, businesses, and hundreds of thousands of lives. Today, the Alans continue to advance the work of Christ internationally in their involvement with a church in North Carolina as they prepare for another overseas assignment.
Sent was a book that allowed me to get the flavor of what it would be like to rid myself of my "stuff" and live in the present without distractions and hurry-up-and go lifestyle. Our American bondage is our stuff. It owns us and you and I know it.
 Hillary tells us how they left their substantial property in favor of obedience to God's call on their lives and how it was difficult but it was the best thing they ever did. Being broken and rebuilt is a gift. In the states they had it all, and found out they didn't really have anything worth having until they went to live in a 3rd world country after a devastating natural disaster. She shares about their adaptation to a strict muslim culture in which religion is an obligation, and seeing America with new eyes on their return. Cultural many of us recognize the futility and disgrace of it and yet we are surrounded by it and live it. Reading this book made me renew my intentions of being abnormal and intentional. The pull is hard maddening though, isn't it? Makes me wonder if it's possible to be living a missional life right here and right now and seeing it as foreign territory and not succumbing to the culture.
All in all it was a great read with a life-giving message and I think it will have impact. It impacted me anyway.  *U*

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