Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There are Flowers

and then there are flowers. These, my friends, are some flowers!
My house smells like Hawaii!
The kind folks of Aloha Island Lei sent me two beautiful and gorgeously fragrant Leis.
I will be honest and say I'm greedy and wish they had sent me a dozen. Having never been to the Islands I had also never seen or smelled a real lei.
So beautiful!
When these were delivered by my UPS man it made his day. I found out he was from Hawaii and was really blessed that a box of leis was in his truck. He called my cell so I could come home to get them out of the 90 degree sun right away.

My boys modeled these- aren't they great?

The two together close up-
Can I say again how fun it was to get this box??

If there's a special- I mean really special occasion ahead, or else somebody you know from the Islands is having a birthday or something similar...what could be more special? Forget roses!
Order a lei or two! They are priced very reasonably.

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