Friday, February 28, 2014

On a Roll

I was super productive today. I can't even believe it myself- it's been ages since I was able to do all of this in a day!

Made homemade goat milk soap. Buttercream Snickerdoodle with a cocoa swirl. That's right. Smells good enough to eat!
I also got an hour of hot yoga in this morning after I milked. Then took my son to drama, got a shower in then did the Costco shopping. Whew! Put the groceries away and then spent some fun time with a friend and her kids out in my barn messing with the horses.
I made a gallon + of sugar syrup to feed my honey bees, and I got some almonds soaking for the dehydrator tomorrow.

I also have some kefir ready for smoothies: 

I made a small batch of chèvre 

I played with the puppies and my kids, did some laundry and dishes... I can't help bragging, sorry! I haven't been able to keep up this pace for a couple years. Okay, time for bed!
Bless you for putting up with me tonight- it's not going to happen like this again for awhile!

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