Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can't Put It Down

First I want to say I believe this book is important. I believe there is a way to acknowledge the  Hebrew roots of Christianity without getting off on a weird religious road. The anti-Semitism that is still very much active in our world is rearing it's ugly head. Consider how the Jews are being treated in the Ukraine right now for example! This should shake us right out of apathy!
The author of The Holy Land Key, Ray Bentley takes us through various stunning pictures the Creator has painted for the human race in his book. From the night skies to seasons and feasts we are helped to understand that God has told us the stories over and over again- His stories are history, the present and the future. 

I was excited to read what Ray had to say about topics that I am interested in and want to learn more about because he is so balanced. His book is easy to read, and well-written. I found it fascinating.
As a pastor taught under and ordained by Calvary Chapel's Chuck Smith I knew he had a great foundation. Calvary teaches through theBible  verse by verse and so has a strong emphasis on Bible literacy. I love to learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity but I am annoyed by the replacement theology crowd and the messianic movement in general.

I loved learning more about the Feasts of The Lord and their prophetic significance. Did you realize the feasts are the Lord's feasts? That they are meant for all of us and prophetic pictures? Foreshadowing, in the spring feasts, the coming of Jesus, and in the fall feasts, the second coming?

Ray talks about the Blood Moons (highly relevant since we just experienced one)
Establishing patterns all throughout the history of Israel, the world and the Word.

This book helped me have a richer understanding of the words in my Bible. I have thought about for years, but now more fully, the verse tells us that the natural is first and then the spiritual. (1 Cor. 15:46) God is always pointing the way! 

The Mazzaroth, the riddle of the Sphinx, the Hebrew mindset, loving the Jews and their brothers and sisters: Ishmael's children, as well to studying the Bible and looking for the patterns God placed there for us- so many things discussed in the jewel of a book! 
This is another one of those books I find valuable enough to read over again and assign to my highschoolers to read in our homeschool. I have spent many happy hours with it.
*I received this book free in exchange for an unbiased online review.
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