Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm Inspired

to make cheese again...sigh. If I only had extra time and milk.
This year I only have two does fresh because I knew I wouldn't have the time I needed to devote to a lot of kids and milking. In a month or two however, I will bring a nice little Miniature Nubian buck in from a friend for some new blood lines and get my yearlings bred.
We are driving to Oregon in a week or two to get a very nice Nubian buck kid with nice Remuda lines from a farm that carries those lines as well as SAND-BUR-KIDS, which I'm pleased to bring back in. Humfleet Nubians.
I'm really dreaming of having this place spruced up and having classes and tours here a few times a year. I love this place and the critters, soaps, and cheeses, and I'd love to share it all.
THis summer I am going to practice this cheese, a nice raw aged chevre' with a bloomy rind.
The photos below are from several  years ago...nostalgia setting in. *U*

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