Saturday, April 26, 2014

For Such a Time

For Such A Time by Kate Breslin (Bethany House Publishers)
 I could hardly believe this was the author's debut novel. Really. It is well written and the story was stunning. After I read the last page I had to check again to make sure it was really fiction...and then I was disappointed that the ending wasn't real!
I was delighted to see the author is local, from a town I used to live and where my biological babies were all born.
 I read quite a bit of World War II novels because I can hardly believe such horrible things really took place. The victims of the holocaust haunt me. I feel like their stories are worth telling and reading about because those people deserve to be memorialized.
The evil that thought it all up and carried it out perplexes me. As always, God has His heroes and heroines- every good story has at least one, and His stories are always good ones in the end. This book was chock full of wicked characters and had it's share of heroes, but the real story is the heroine. Stella is an Esther. For Such a Time is a wonderfully woven modern day Esther story. If you're familiar with the book of Esther you will recognize all the main characters. Obviously there are twists and turns to keep it fresh and unpredictable.
The setting is 1944, a transit camp in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. The conditions are deplorable and disgusting. The spirits of the people however broken and hungry, however, are still strong.
A romance between two most unlikely people. A theme of destruction vs. salvation. Again, I really found myself wishing it weren't fiction. The stories of concentration camps and the ovens are awful, as we know, and so many times the reality was that nobody escaped, so it's wonderful to read about someone surviving those dark days. I believe strongly that those days should be talked about, read about, and that we should never forget what happened.
The bottom line on this book was that it was a real page turner. The kind that makes you decide to stay in, reading at all hours. I was cheering and crying and lost myself in this story. That's the good kind.
*A copy of this title was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased written review.
Here's what the author says about this book on her site:
 Since I’m passionate for history, and writing love stories about wounded, complex heroes and the smart heroines who rescue them, this particular tale is close to my heart, and one I’ve waited years to share. It’s about a romance between two of the most unlikely people on the planet; a story of incredible courage, redemption, and faith. It takes place during WWII, and contains enough twists and turns to appeal to action and romance fans alike, and those who enjoy a good historical adventure. It’s inspiring, too, showing the countless ways that God works in their lives. I simply cannot wait to share For Such A Time with you!  

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