Saturday, November 7, 2015

Horseback Riding in the 'Hood

I didn't ride Kito today, just lounged him and groomed him but he is so handsome I knew he would want you to see some of his pictures today.

I got a new saddle pad- badly needed and finally had the chance to use it. I'm thinking it's cool looking and the horses won't feel like dorks (or me) since we don't have to use Tori's old leather fringe, bright blue rodeo pad! 

Fancy and I rode out with 4 other women who all have very well -trained, often ridden horses and so we had a calm and chatty ride. Usually I'm able to ride Fancy only in the arena, and only a few times a year but since we aren't doing foster care anymore I am able to get back to my horses. She did fantastic today- not spooky at all. I honestly couldn't believe it.

We rode down our dirt road and through the orchards for a couple miles. A really nice ride. Crispy- cold but the leaves left on the apple trees have turned fall colors and there are still a few apples hanging here and there. Glorious really.

My neighborhood and the people in it are amazing -a gift from God. To be surrounded by kind people who are funny and honest and brave and love Jesus and horses...that's really a blessing. I am full of gratitude and now I'm cold! So glad I made beef stock in the crockpot. (I am now obsessed with making nourishing broths for our health.) I'm cozy by the fire again, just where I left off this morning.

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