Friday, November 6, 2015


Guess who finally gets to go horseback riding again? That's right, this girl. I haven't ridden the mare even once yet this year so it might be more of a rodeo.

I am extremely blessed and that all of my neighbors are horse people and the ranch next-door has put together a group going on a trail ride tomorrow and they invited me along.

Even more of a blessing is that these ladies have invited me to get together with them once a week and do Bible study and prayer with them. It's the best day of the week. 

Sometimes I look around at my life and I'm so grateful that I don't even have words. If I had had any inclination as a child that my life would turn out so good I sure could have avoided a lot of heart ache and depression. Not to mention anxiety and fear. But as a kid I didn't grow up around the truths of the Bible. I had no idea that God had good plans for me. That He meant all of the trauma of childhood to be turned into something I could live with. And not only just live with but live abundantly as His word says and Jesus came to give. 

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