Friday, November 6, 2015

These Boots Are Made For Walkin...

I'm going to come clean with a little issue I have. Boot Greed. Is that a syndrome? Because I mean, maybe I could get help for it? I have a boot addiction. Fetish. Whatever you want to call it and whatever excuse (lame) I try to give, the problem is there are too many cute boots being made and not enough money in the world to buy them all. Or enough occasions in my life, because, let's face it- I live on a ranch and I really only need a few pairs of shoes. Flip flops for summer. A pair of running shoes for long walks down my dirt roads, a pair of boots for horseback riding and the ever-needed daily muckboots for barn chores.
But really...

Can you even? They're gorgeous. 

What woman in her right mind doesn't want a pair (or two) of Frye riding boots? Maybe there's nothing wrong with me after all. Maybe it's the rest of the world?

 Old Gringo you say? Why yes, please!

Lucchese? I swoon. Some of my boot dreams are ridiculous unless you're a rock star or something. I mean, where would I possibly wear these Old Gringos? At my age, I'm just not brave enough to pull some of these looks off anymore. I know, that's probably for the best.

I love boots so much I have dreams of them. I design the perfect boot in my mind. Too bad I never did learn to do leatherwork. :) The boots below are my Old Gringo fantasy.

And Muk Luks are just cute. Practical winter attire really. They go with skinny jeans like peanut butter and jam. Or is that the riding boots? Oh dear, see? Who can choose? And yet choose I must. As greedy as I am it's not possible to own them all. And I have to admit I'd feel sick if I did. Because- you know- I really don't want to be greedy. Or selfish.
But while children are snug in their beds dreaming of sugar plums this winter (what are those?) I'll be dreaming of boots.

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