Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, Goodbye, and Blessed

Our little ranch is full of life this spring! It always is this time of year, and it's such a blessing. Lots of "hellos" to new little creatures. There are kittens in the barn, this puppy you see above, "Otis", who is naughty and rascally, and everything a puppy should be. You would aslo find newly hatched out chicks, with more nests "cooking" and goat kids galore- except they all get sold so quick, even before they are weaned! This year they have all been 1st generation Mini Nubians and they get snapped right up.
 I asked the Lord for that this year because I really want to pare down the herd so I can get bees next spring. Besides, there really are more, way more, than I need. Luci alone gives me a gallon per day, and her daughter is due to kid any day now, so I'm thinking between those two and Lola I should be swimming in milk soon.

Miss Gina had triplets, and darlings at that. She and the boys were sold today to a very sweet young woman who is excited to get her first goats, and I'm excited for her. Gina wouldn't allow me to milk, so sadly, she has to go. I have rules about such things, and the girls have to earn their keep around here. Here is Gina when she was a kid~

Here she is now: a beauty!

Below is the nest of the hen I affectionately call Mrs. Duggar. She has so many eggs she is trying to hatch that she cannot possibly keep them all under her. They keep rolling out and getting cold. There is another hen with a nest up in the barn rafters. Honestly, I do not know what these girls are thinking!

We had the equine dentist come out yesterday for the two old geldings. Now that was interesting! It took all morning long, and bless his heart, he had his work cut out for him. Good thing he's young- that was hard work!

Sunday, as you know was Mother's Day and I was really blessed by my guys. They cleaned the house (hooray!) and they grilled filet mignon, asparugus spears, and baked potatoes with all the goodies- and they dressed up in slacks and ties to sit at the table with me. Sweethearts!

I love my guys! Today we got a lot done- butchered an egg-eating hen that was always one step ahead of me (until today!), sent two little doe kids off to their new home, cleaned the kidding stall, burned horns on the two little boys that got sold today and are leaving with Gina on Friday, and took care of quite a bit inside the house as well. I am feeling pleasantly tired and ready for a quiet evening with my book. ah....productivity and rest in equal measures.


  1. Is there really anything else to wear other than jeans and t-shirts? Oh, with flip-flops of course!

    I love Gina. I am rather partial to goats, as you know.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a blessedly full day! You guys looks great ~ what a special treat.

    LOVE that you named the hen Mrs. Duggar ~ oh so funny!

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


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