Saturday, July 16, 2011

House is full!

Well, Thursday night I got my wish and the stork (after hours social worker) brought me another kiddo. Not a girl, and not one year old. A boy, two. Shy, speaking and understanding spanish more than english and not speaking much at all for that matter. He is scared and self conscious. Sad for someone that age to worry about much at all, but he is anxious. He's good at "floating away" when he feels overwhelmed.

He has some very obvious attachment issues. Those don't always come in the way we think. This little guy was attached to the social worker who brought him and got very distressed when she left, but attached himself to me and awhile later when she came back to bring some forgotten paperwork he had forgotten that she was his security a short while ago. He tries to anticipate me, please me, and help me. Sweet, but not right for a rambunctious two year old boy.

The morning after he came I started to feel some heavy anxiety myself. Yesterday too. I was thinking, "What in the world have I done?!" and just freaking out really. But I prayed alot. I mean alot. I asked the Lord to calm me and give me peace and a great love for this child. He did. I had to do some errands today for a sick goat, and I missed the child! That was actually a relief.


  1. You are such a sweet mama...God knows exactly what he is doing, doesn't He? Gives us completely different than we think...All glory and praise to Him.

    Will be praying for this little guy....and your family

  2. This sweet little boy is in your home & life for a purpose ~ not just for him, but for you, too. I'm sure he's learning so much from you & is loving being around those animals.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  3. Will be praying for all of you! Poor kiddo. How awesome to be able to be a blessing to him!


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