Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jalapeno Garden Flax Crackers

My husband and I love spicey food. We also love flax crackers, so I put together this recipe, with the added bonus of protein from raw goat milk feta whey!

*Disclaimer- I don't meaasure. All are approximates and you should adjust accordingly.

In my food processor I put two plump jalapeno peppers, (this was too hot! You should add 1/2 to 1) some sea salt and pepper, gorgeous rosemary and the juice of a lime and gave it all a whirl for awhile until the jalapeno was mush. Then I added a cup of cilantro and two of fresh baby spinach and around it went again until blened not-quite-smooth.

I added about 2 1/2 cups of flax seeds and then 3 cups or so of the whey and whirled it a bit more. I don't want the flax seeds proccessed too much. After the mixture has sat for a few minutes and has gotten slimey, I spoon it onto the mesh sheets on my dehydrator trays.

I dehydrated these for about 36 hours because I like them super crisp.
~The house smells so divine! It's like a fresh garden in here!~

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  1. are very creative my dear...looks yummy! Wish I was there to share them with you LOL.


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