Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Homeschool Year 2011-12

Here's a look at our school year in pictures. Each picture has a link so you can check it out or buy it even. I pray about choosing what is right for the child at the specific time each year before I buy books and plan. I think the Lord has a specific plan for each of my children and I try to co-operate as much as is possible (for me). I don't always do a good job of this, but the Lord is always faithful to lead me to the right stuff! 

I also purchased the ebook of maps, timeline, etc. for this. Ben's excited about Greece! Too bad we don't have the kind of budget for a fieldtrip...can you imagine??!

I bought the notebook for this as well.


  1. Great plan! I think I will be learning right along with my kiddos this year!

    Bless you!

  2. Looks like an amazing year it's going to be for your kiddo's.

  3. Cool! We're doing the Anatomy book (but with the Junior Notebook) this year as well! Hope you're school year is very blessed!!! Love, Jess :)

  4. It looks like a great plan.
    I hope you have a great school year. :)


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