Monday, July 8, 2013

90 Day Challenge

(My husband working out with our youngest son- too precious)

My husband and I are both in our mid- forties. He looks amazing, while I, on the other hand do not. I'm tired all the time and I've gained 20 pounds the past 3 years.
My husband is a dedicated Cross Fit fanatic. He's even a trainer now. I live with my own personal fitness trainer, I guess I better learn to like working out!

Crossfit workouts are generally just 15 to 20 minutes long. That's so much more appealing than P90X!! Besides look at the guy! If you can achieve results like this in less than 30 minutes a day why wouldn't you?!

So today I'm starting a 90 Day challenge- 
I'm following the WODs here
Workouts Monday thru Friday and back on a super clean diet. My goals are the obvious weight loss as well as getting fit and feeling better. These work outs are called functional fitness because you're doing every day movements to function and keep functioning.
I'm a well-known quitter, so if I complete the 90 days I will reward myself and if I meet my goals I will reward myself again. I think about those when I want to quit or cheat.
I will let you know what happens at the 90 day mark. I doubt ill be brave enough to post before and after pictures though. 


  1. I'm just getting caught up on my blog readings, I really love Google reader I thought it was easier to find people then the new way. But I wanted to say I love your challenge. Do you mind if I tag along? From your family pic, you haven't much to lose, but your feeling about yourself I understand. For me I'm soon to be 55 and close to 60 lbs over. Mine will take more than 90 days but I have to start I wish us both luck. Have a great day and mind your veggies.....

  2. That would be great Sherry! You should know these workouts won't take the weight off without radical diet change. They change the shape of the body and build muscle.


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