Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Renegade Review

When this book came in the mail my husband nabbed it before I could read it and review it, so... I figured he could write the review. I particularly wanted to read this because it's the story of a guy who had been in foster care- a subject near and dear to me. I'm going to read it next.
Here's Doug's review of Mel Odem's "Renegade"

Renegade is about a man named Pike Morgan; a loner with a rough past who grew up in various foster homes.  It is this past that has shaped Pike today, and today his past haunts him as he struggles to avoid relationships while trying to right the injustices he sees around him.   When Pike is called into service by the Marines, he believes he may find some solace from his current struggles but instead finds himself in a life and death battle with a determined and ruthless terrorist as well as with the marine corp. As the walls he has carefully created to begin to crumble, he must make a decision between selfless honor or returning to his selfless retreat into a life on the run.

I thought Mel Odom’s Renegade was a well written, fast paced thriller that demonstrated that even the hardest of hearts and toughest of men can find redemption through selflessness.  I enjoyed the read and will look forward to following this character in any subsequent books.  In fact, Renegade is book 2 of the series entitled “Called to Serve” and I’ll be searching for Mel Odom’s first book in this series entitled “Deployed” so I can see how Pike Morgan got his start.


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